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Know Thy Ego. Know Thy Self. Egolution

CUTLER sits down with Jessica Noifeld to discuss the face behind the brand ‘Egolution’. We discuss "The Naked Truth" an idea that started in hopes of encouraging people to find peace within their body through love and acceptance.

Photos by Scarlett Warrick

Egolution started as a book of poetry and has developed into this whole brand. We are really excited to have you here and to learn more. "thank you, It has always been a dream of mine to have An Egolution Column in a magazine. I wanted to be able to share the Egolution heart beyond a poetry book so that readers could really get a feel for what Egolution is, beyond the surface and how important it is to find the ego, tame it and so become aware of Self."

That sounds Amazing! Can you tell us about The Naked Truth? The Naked Truth is a chance for people to share their heart by stripping themselves vulnerable. In our rawest form we have a courage that offers such purity, I feel it is the strongest we can be. As the founder of Egolution I am so honoured that Cutler Magazine will be presenting The Naked Truth and to be sharing My Naked Truth as the first of more to come. In a time where bodies and image and social media are such a big part of our lives, I wanted to share my journey of becoming body confident.

It's inspiring to see the level of peace you have In your own skin. It definitely wasn’t always the way, and although I have found my courage and have come to a point of loving my body and all that it does for me, I for sure have slip up days or have experiences that knock my confidence. Nevertheless, 90% of the time I feel beautiful from the inside out - scruffy nails, frizzy hair and no make up on…the make-up comes from within.

An excerpt from Egolution by Jessica Noifeld

Definitive filters and hairless skin,

Thick thighs, perfect breasts and waist always thin,

Slicked hair, polished nails and style to arouse,

Flawless faces, lips tasty and perfect eyebrows.

In wonderment I was left,

Where is the time to create such perfection?

At what hour did you rise to groom your personal masterpiece?

I was in awe, looking up from the bottom of the pedestal in my mind.

My hair was too frizzy and there was fur on my arms

My chest it was flat and my thighs were too calm.

I looked at your curves and I longed to be there,

At your perfect complexion and your artistic flare.

I ran and I climbed; there were diets and gyms,

Straightening irons and waxing each limb,

Hair salon trips and nail polish colours,

But nothing was changing, I only felt duller

Eventually something much better, it clicked,

As though my perspective, it suddenly flipped,

I realised Beauty, each one of us hold,

But it starts internally by taming ego…

My hair is still frizzy, I still don’t paint my nails,

And sometimes I still stand behind Egos jail,

I long for more curve, or for a glamorous eye,

But the difference is now, is deep down I know why…

I know it’s the ego that separates us,

I know that my shine, it comes from Self trust

That the beauty I see that vibrates from another,

It comes from in me, I mirror of the other.

Beauty is subjective, but it’s inside of you

Each of Our imperfections are exquisitely true,

You and I we are different, but we are made of the same thing,

Beauty starts inside us, revolutions start within…

Know thy ego. Know Thy Self. Egolution."

Jessica Noifield with her daughter Indigo

Find Jessica here


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