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Jennifer Saayeng - Raised by Wolves "explores themes of humanity and religion"

CUTLER sits down with Actor Jennifer Saayeng to discuss her new role in Raised by Wolves (HBO) the sci fi series produced by Ridley Scott. Jennifer plays the role of ‘Nerva’, a tough atheist woman who runs an underground network of goods and services.

Jennifer thank you for chatting to us, we would love to know what initially drew you to acting? From a young age I went to after school classes at the local theatre and always enjoyed them. Initially my mum thought it would improve my confidence. I think it probably worked, and it meant I gradually began to enjoy performing to an audience.

You have a very exciting project coming out, can you tell our readers about it?

Raised by wolves! It is a real thrill to watch, an action packed sci fi series produced by

Ridley Scott. It’s a great celebration of imagination which makes it quite different from

anything else out there, which is refreshing. It’s a brilliant show for true escapism which

explores themes of humanity and religion, through the eyes of androids and humans.

How would you normally approach a role? Firstly, by reading us much of the script and series as possible and draw as much info as I can from those pages. I let my imagination run a little wild and explore how this person may talk or walk, what they may wear. I use clues form their dialogue to draw from traits of my own which I find often makes a character more authentic. I tend to run with my gut feelings on a character.

Do you find that each role becomes part of who you are, or do you prefer to leave the “character” on set/stage? I do like to find similarities between myself and any character, I think it helps to make it more authentic and real and find an anchor to continue exploring from. However, I think it’s important to be able to leave the work at work.

What inspires you as an artist? I love to watch theatre, any genre. I enjoy watching the work of directors’ who I’ve worked with previously. My friends and past colleagues end up in various shows which I try and catch. Similarly, I take the time to watch a lot of TV and film to explore any exciting art that’s being made and the boundaries being pushed.

Who would you most like to work with? I’d say that everything Stephen Graham goes anywhere near simply turns to gold dust, I admire him so much, I’m sure he is cooking up something new and I know he could teach me a thing or two so - yes please!

Finally what would be your dream role?” I’m currently waiting on my ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ equivalent role please!

Jennifer Saayeng as Nerva

Travis Fimmel as Caleb


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