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Inside the Music: I, SĪREN Discusses the Evolution of 'Bones'

Cutler Magazine sits down for an exclusive interview with British Singer and Songwriter I, SĪREN and the making of her new single 'Bones'.

How do you find the balance between vulnerability and maintaining privacy in your songwriting?

Well, the songs usually always come from a place where I have felt deeply, whether that be a happy, inspirational feeling or something that has hurt and I'm trying to make sense of, so that's hard to keep private. I won't always talk about the catalyst for the song from my personal life; I guess that leaves space for listeners to create their own narrative. The real reason might make for a good story down the pub, if anyone really wants to know, ha.

Can you walk us through the inspiration behind your new track "Bones" and how it reflects your personal journey as an artist?

"Bones" was written about 9 years ago; it's one of those songs that I've always thought about. I think the words are worth hearing; they came to me somehow, and really, it took me to a place of hope. It's a message of courage and a reminder not to forget your true nature, to look up and remember your greatness, no matter what you're going through or how badly people are treating you. I know that people need to hear that, as I have on my own journey.

What qualities do you look for in potential collaborators?

Working with Ben Butterfield brought a nostalgic rock element to the track, thanks to his epic guitar solo, which was so importantl. He is an exceptional guitar player, and his energy and enthusiasm for music are contagious and great to be around. Sam Webb, the producer, is a true gentleman in the studio; he was very calm, patient, and really captured the rawness of the song. It's a great collaborative combination, and I feel lucky for how well it worked out with both musicians

What was it like filming the music video for "Bones"?

I've been wanting to work with Scarlett Warrick for a while, I noticed her cinematic portraits and when the time was right I approached her with the song. She is super visual, when she created the story boards for the track it was such an exciting moment I knew she was the right person to bring this to life. Her style and countenance is classic and graceful, like from another era. We were both fully submerged in the sea while filming a particular part for Bones. So she's brave and knows what she wants and how to achieve what she's aiming for visually and creatively. It was a great experience. I hope to collaborate with Scarlett again.

Can you share a particularly memorable or defining moment in your career so far, and how it has influenced your artistic journey?

Every time a song is completed, or we get a radio play or another new collaboration is achieved, these are all defining moments each song is a journey of exploration collaboration and creativity. The visuals for the songs and the story's are just as important to me, each project has been inspiring in its own way that has definitely influenced me to keep creating more music as an artist.

How do you view the current state of the music scene in the UK? and do you feel connected to any particular musical movements or communities? 

I think there is a great music scene in the UK there are a ton of festivals and super talented performers, watching bands from my home town achieve and reach huge audiences means music is reaching people far more quicker than before obviously through social media and creative mediums such as Mahogany Sessions etc.. As with most things now there is so much choice so you gotta just find that which makes your own heart sing and what means something to you than find that community of people and go with that.

If you could collaborate with any artist, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

Mark Lanegan would have been a great person to collaborate with his deep gravely velvet like voice was really special and I loved the way he used to collaborate and appear on tracks with other musicians such as queens of the stone age and the songs he did with Isobel Campbell. I was really sad to find out he had passed on. I would like to work with a few more directors too like Nadia Lee Cohen that would be interesting.

'Bones' - Music Video

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