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Fran Walker - "Don't compare your creative journey to others as we each have a unique perspective"

Is back on screen after taking a 10 year break from the industry to focus on raising her children. We talk to Fran about her upcoming roles, returning to Acting and her new series on Amazon Prime.

You’re currently working on some new projects, could you tell us a bit about the roles? I've had a productive couple of months filming four productions but one role I'm particularly excited about is Jennie in the film Black Mail, she's a film director

which is exciting, as there aren't a whole lot of women in film. Sexism's still aroundin film, so this was apivotal and empowering role to play. The real director is the award winning Obi Emelonye. Other productions I really enjoyed to be a part of include The Sham Love Series and Only Love Matters, so I've had a great few months working with very talented people.

If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would play you? Margaret Qualley

Have you ever had any self esteem issues from working in the industry and if so what advice do you have to other people who may struggle with similar issues? I suffer from imposter syndrome sometimes, I think its due to the years I spent away from Acting. My advice is to not compare your journey to other peoples we each have a unique perspective and thats what makes you interesting as an artist and try to take credence in the nice feedback you receive.



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