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Cashmere; from Mongolia to Margate.

"The best thing about winter is the fashion."

High street cashmere pieces tend to get a bad rep — cashmere is shorter and thinner than most other yarns, and cheaper items are often made with cashmere sourced from China rather than Mongolia, these can lose their shape more quickly and they don’t wash as well.

When shopping for your cashmere, don’t worry too much about whether it says it’s “two ply” or “single ply”. Instead, look at the color and structure of the garment. The best cashmere feels super soft and sturdy and the colors are more saturated. The fabric is generally durable and less prone to pilling.

If you purchase a cashmere piece and you want it to maintain for seasons to come, it may be wise to invest in a basic, classic piece that’s more “high-end”. The less expensive items tend to wear down and pill after a few wearings making them a one-season item. A UK favourite is Cashmere & Cotton Their luxuriously soft cashmere originates from the finest farms across inner Mongolia. They choose these farms for their quality and the welfare of their happy animals. `They only use the finest and longest yarns, which means that their cashmere is softer, stronger and will last longer than comparable high street brands. Their cashmere stays in the best shape due to the way they knit the yarn. Knitted to specific tension to prevent excessive pilling and pre-washed by them so you can wash your cashmere at home. Yes, their cashmere is totally machine washable.

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