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Cannes 2024 - BFI's 'Great 8': A Showcase of Emerging Filmmakers

As the Cannes Film Festival gears up for its annual showcase from May 14th to May 25th, attention turns to the British Film Institute (BFI) and its renowned Great 8 exhibition. Now in its seventh year, the Great 8 aims to provide a platform for emerging filmmakers, offering them the opportunity to present their work on the international stage.

The Great 8 prides itself on past success stories such as Charlotte Wells's "Aftersun," which reportedly became MUBI's highest-earning release in the UK. This year's lineup offers a diverse array of genres and storytelling styles, showcasing the emerging talent in the industry. With themes ranging from thrillers to dramas and documentaries, the selection process appears to be curated with an eye towards providing variety and representation.

The 'Great 8' selection offers something for every cinephile's palate. Here's a closer look at the featured films and filmmakers:


Director: Nadia Fall

Writer: Suhayla El-Bushra

Synopsis: Follows the journey of two 15-year-old girls, Doe and Muna, as they embark on a life-altering trip to Syria.

Bring Them Down

Director/Writer: Christopher Andrews

Synopsis: Explores the repercussions of a conflict between rival farmers, delving into themes of guilt, redemption, and the consequences of past actions.

The Fall Of Sir Douglas Weatherford

Director/Writer: Sean Dunn

Synopsis: A dark comedy that blurs the lines between history and fantasy, following the mental unraveling of a man who believes himself to be the descendant of a famous philosopher.

On Falling

Director/Writer: Laura Carreira

Synopsis: Chronicles the struggles of Aurora, a Portuguese immigrant working in a Scottish warehouse, as she grapples with loneliness and alienation in a gig economy-driven world.

The Salt Path

Director: Marianne Elliott

Writer: Rebecca Lenkiewicz

Synopsis: Based on a true story, follows a couple's journey along the rugged coastline of Cornwall, exploring themes of resilience, acceptance, and the meaning of home.


Director: Nina Conti

Writers: Shenoah Allen, Nina Conti

Synopsis: An unconventional comedy about two individuals on the brink of despair who find solace and romance in each other's company during a road trip.

Surviving Earth

Director/Writer: Thea Gajić

Synopsis: Based on true events, follows a Yugoslavian refugee living in the UK who must confront his traumatic past as he navigates the challenges of fatherhood and cultural identity.


Director/Writer: Elizabeth Sankey

Synopsis: A personal documentary that explores the connections between perinatal mental health illness and the historical portrayal of witches in western society.

As the Cannes Market unfolds and the spotlight shines on the Great 8 showcase, we extend our best wishes to the talented filmmakers presenting their work


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