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Beauty Brands We Love - 2022

We can't get enough of the award winning sustainable brand Floragy, read on to see why.

I first noticed the skincare brand Floragy on Instagram. Plant based, handmade and planet friendly caught my eye, if I've have learnt anything from my years of dealing with troubled skin that has followed me well into adulthood is that simplicity is key.

Based in Kent, Floragy is made with natural plant oils and clays to help transform your skin. Using only ingredients which are vegan friendly and ethically sourced, they personally blend and test each formula to ensure its suitability for all skin types. What is wonderful is that they work closely with only a handful of local and UK-wide suppliers, acquiring organic ingredients where available and only sourcing from those who share their cruelty-free ethos. Their formulas don’t contain any synthetic preservatives and they use cold pressed oils processed without the use of chemicals or solvents in the extraction process.

Floragy is as dreamy as it looks, we tested out the Strawberry Mask, Revive Face Oil, Nourish Multi Balm and Nurture Intensive Face Oil. Check them out below.

Radiant - Strawberry and Coconut Clay Mask. This Strawberry mask is a must for irritable skin, it calmed and soothed my skin instantly leaving me feeling clean serene and hydrated.

This award-winning mineral rich pink clay mask harnesses the power of strawberry powder to support oil regulation and inflammation and draw out impurities, restoring and replenishing your skin's natural moisture. Ideal for sensitive and mature skin, the mask also features strawberry seeds to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving you looking fresh-faced and radiant.

Revive - Face Oil

The everyday face oil is a welcome addition to any skincare regime, oil helps seal in your products, they help increase your routine’s efficacy while also leaving skin soft and smooth as oils can easily penetrate moisturisers, serums, and treatments, but no products can penetrate an oil, which means they need to be applied last. After applying my sunscreen and moisturiser I finished the process with the Revive Face Oil, my skin felt more hydrated for longer and I noticed more of a glow after a few days.

Another award winning formulation helps to revive dull skin, protecting it from environmental damage whilst hydrating, leaving you with a lovely natural glow all year round. It’s infused with Jasmine and Neroli for a beautifully scented experience.

Nurture - Intensive Face Oil

A truly indulgent face oil, more concentrated and powerful, the next morning my skin felt smoother softer and younger, an absolute must have.

This luxurious Oil is packed with Omega Oils and Vitamins Locks moisture into the skin, protect against the breakdown of natural collagen, contains AHAs to increase cell turnover for brighter and smoother skin, improves skin tone and pigmentation and helps to heal damaged skin.

Nourish - Multi Balm

I used this balm to nourish a few troubled areas on my face, it went on like a dream, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth.

A multi purpose balm is made with Camellia Oil to help protect and rejuvenate skin. It can be used as a cleanser to dissolve make-up and impurities, as an overnight treatment to nourish skin or as a body moisturiser for dry patches.


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